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100% Locally Sourced, Handmade Compost

Our compost is made from organic waste collected from small businesses, farmer's markets, our public drop off, and community organizations. We chop it down and mix it up with wood chips from a local tree company and clean sawdust from friendly wood shops. It's perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and also for jump starting soil remediation of backyards and toxic landscapes. For tips on using BK ROT compost, click here.

How to Get BK ROT Compost:

1. Pick up Bulk BK ROT Compost by donat at our site in Brooklyn
(See info below)

2. Find BK ROT Compost at these retail stores:

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Pick up Compost at Know Waste Lands:

We offer compost by donation every Sunday from 12-3pm at 1278 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

It is on a first come, first serve basis. When we are out of sifted material, we can show you how to sift and you can sift the amount you need to transport. You are also welcome to as much unsifted material as possible.

BK ROT Compost at Know Waste Lands is unpackaged so you will need to bring trash bags or storage containers to transport it. We have shovels and a hand truck to help. Although most times we do offer assistance, you should be prepared to shovel the material into your transport items if the site is busy and we are unable to assist.

Our compost is being offered this season by donation. We recommend the following donations for these amounts:


  • Less than 1 cu yd (about 5 full wheelbarrows): $10-20

  • More than 1 cu yd: $20-30 per cu yd

If you want to check if we have enough material for you, you can fill out the below form. The answer is most likely yes.

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Stems BK Logo.png

Thank you for your intereste in BK ROT Compost. We will only contact you if your order is over 1 cubic yard or if we are out of stock.

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