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Our Services

We haul and transform local organic waste into high quality compost.

Our compost is made from 100% organic waste collected from small businesses, neighbors, and community organizations.

We pick up food scraps and mix them up with wood chips from local tree pruning and woodshops. After weeks of careful tending, the finished compost is a perfect addition to give a boost to potted plants, preventing soil erosion, nourishing outdoor greenery, and remediating lead levels in ground soils.

A retail bag of BK ROT's "black gold" compost.
Also available at these locations
Park Slope Food Coop
Crest Hardware
The Sill
Stems Brooklyn

We also offer:

A BK ROT microhauler loads a trailer with collected scraps.
Commercial hauling

You bin it, we bike it. Keep your organic waste as local as your small business. Sign up for service through BK ROT!

A BK ROT microhauler wheels the bike with food scraps into the garden.
Residential service

Table to garden. Our microhaulers collect kitchen scraps from your door, biking it back to our site to be recycled instead of wasted.

Food Scrap Drop Off at Know Waste Lands Community Garden
Food scrap drop-off

Feeling scrappy? Bring it by our site yourself! We host community drop-off hours all year round. Find your nearest garden's open hours.

Food scraps mid-processing in a pile
Bookings and consultations

Get inspired. Bring compost into your life. Book us for a visit, a workshop, an interview, or a consultation to start your own composting adventure.

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