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Commercial Hauling

You bin it, we bike it.

Keeping things local

Local businesses in Brooklyn deserve local solutions. We serve small businesses seeking to lower their food waste and reduce their carbon footprint. At BK ROT, we're your hauler, your composter, and your neighbor. We work locally, so every dollar you spend with us stays in the community. That's full circle!

How we haul

Using bicycles, powered by young people from Brooklyn, we collect organics and bring them to our local compost sites. Our staff process the material by hand to become the nutrient rich soil amendment we share with neighbors, partners, and green spaces. Yesterday's waste is today's black gold.

Who do we love

We specialize in small businesses such as office spaces, co-op groceries, cafes, plant shops, and roasters who want to ensure their waste is kept to a minimum and recycled. We seek to connect businesses with our riders, and close the loop by offering our finished compost for resale at wholesale prices–plus free delivery with your pick up subscription!

Ready to sign up?

If your business would be a good fit, reach out to let us know more about you and get started!

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