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About Our Organization

BK ROT is a community centered, closed loop, fossil fuel free approach to hauling and composting food waste in NYC.

We are New York City's first community-supported, bike-powered, fossil fuel free food waste hauling and composting service.

Our project is staffed by young people of color who haul residential and commercial organic waste and transform it into high quality compost. 


We are a community centered, closed loop, fossil-fuel free approach to hauling and composting food waste in NYC using strategies for urban sustainability. Our operations provide accessible jobs and sustained professional development for emerging environmental leaders.


We process organics at local, publicly accessible sites in Brooklyn, so you know your organic waste is turning into compost and not tossed in a landfill (a common practice with larger haulers). That compost is distributed locally, benefitting our soils, plants, and community.


We advocate and push to transform the waste industry, allocate public resources to build resilience in our neighborhoods, combatting climate change. Your support creates space for young people of color who disproportionately face environmental harms to grow and lead.

Our History


Join the movement! Dozens of small Brooklyn businesses are composting their organic waste with BK ROT. Affordable rates! Easy sign up!


Rabbit Roots is a home food scraps pick up service. For a monthly rate our bikers will collect from your door to our compost site. Sign up here!


Live nearby? Our year-round food scraps is open again on Sundays12-3pm. Learn more about what to bring and our COVID-19 Drop Off Protocol.


100% locally sourced compost made by hand at our site, Know Waste Lands. Perfect for houseplants, growing veggies, and building soils. Pick-up BK ROT compost at our site (order here) and select stores. Check out our site for compost tips!


It's hard to compost in NYC! We are sharing some resources on how to compost from home. If you missed out on our worm bin orders, we share a lot of information on how you can make them yourself.


We can help you strategize the best system and management method of your home, business, or organization composting.

Our Impact


lbs of organic waste diverted from the landfill & composted


bike miles of emissions-free hauling of food waste per year


lbs of high quality compost created by BK ROT youth


worth of income generated for young workers

Download annual reports (PDF):

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