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Our Services

We haul residential and commercial organic waste and transform it into high quality compost.

Our compost is made from organic waste collected from small businesses, farmer's markets, our public drop off, and community organizations.

We chop it down and mix it up with wood chips from a local tree company and clean sawdust from friendly wood shops. It's perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and also for jump starting soil remediation of backyards and toxic landscapes.

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Also available at these locations
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We also offer:

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Commercial hauling

Join the movement! Dozens of small Brooklyn businesses are composting their organic waste with BK ROT. Affordable rates! Easy sign up!

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Residential pick-up

Rabbit Roots is a home food scraps pick up service. For a monthly rate our bikers will collect from your door to our compost site.

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Food scraps drop-off

Live nearby? Our year-round food scraps is open again on Sundays between 12-3pm.

Consultation services

We can help you strategize the best system and management method of your home, business, or organization composting.

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