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Diverting 320,000 Pounds of Food Scraps by Bike!

Diverting 320,000 Pounds of Food Scraps by Bike!

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BK ROT is supported by service fees, small grants, and people like you. Our services fees directly compensate our workers. All supplies are paid for by grants and those involved give their time and talent in kind. We know this project resounds with many in our community even beyond the boundaries of Bushwick so we wanted to offer a way for people excited about what we are doing to directly support the project as well.

You can either donate directly through the link above, or become a monthly subscriber via PayPal.

Any amount makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Just to give some transparency to what individual gifts can help us with:

$10.00 pays for a pair of heavy duty work gloves (constantly needed)

$25.00 pays goes towards bike repair and maintenance (ongoing)

$50.00 pays for tarps, tools, storage bins, things we can’t seem to have enough of

$75.00 pays for soil testing of our finished compost (ongoing)

$100 pays for a group meal at our monthly staff meeting (ongoing)

If it is a tax deductible donation you are interested in making or for donations of larger sums please contact us directly to discuss.

Thank you for your interest and support, and for valuing the environmental justice work we do together in community.