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CYCLEdarity Fundraiser 2022 (Eventbrite Banner) (1).png
$10,000 goal

This year we are raising funds to upgrade our current microhauling operations with the addition of four new bikes and on-site, fully outfitted bike shop.


These additions would make microhauling safer and more efficient, raising our capacity to save food waste from landfills. The on-site bike shop would also be open on select days to other community members. We are hoping to raise $10,000 to make this happen!


All raffle prizes have been donated by our wonderful community of artists, creators, and composters.

Click an image below to enter virtually!

Raffle will run in person 9/30 and online 9/30-10/14. Winners to be announced 9/16.

Physical prizes must be picked up in person by appointment.

Not interested in the raffle? You can still contribute!

All donations through October 15th will go toward our CYCLEdarity efforts.

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