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What BK ROT Does For The Community

Helps reduce landfill waste in NYC

Approximately one-third of the waste that goes to landfills in New York City is organic food waste generated by homes and businesses. BK ROT helps reduce the city's 14 million ton footprint through local processing of organic waste. 

Helps create a closed-loop small business ecosystem

BK ROT realizes the vision of a Zero Waste local economy by recycling the compostable waste of local food producers and distributes the compost to local gardens and farms for growing clean local food. 

Provides employment opportunities 

BK ROT employs local young people at living wages to pick-up food waste and process food scraps. Our workers lead our operations, help cultivate our growing space, and are learning skills for careers in sustainability.

Get Involved!

Join our team of volunteers who help out on a variety of thigns from sifting compost on a Sunday to helping us process food on Wednesdays. We want to meet you! 

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