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An emotional support animal is a source of love and friendship for its owner. People, now more than ever, are getting affected by various mental health illnesses. Thanks to the fast-paced life and ever-changing world dynamics that are creating immense social pressures for human beings. Once a person gets the ESA Letter from their licensed consultant, then they have plenty of available options from which they can select what ESA they would like to own. A person can use the already owned pet as an ESA or get a new one too.

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) has many benefits. Many people that can not afford the costly treatments of mental disorders have a pretty affordable substitute in the form of an ESA. ESAs can both cure the symptoms and signs of the disease and also improve the emotional state of the owner.

Like the service animals, ESAs are not trained to provide assistance to their owners in specific tasks. However, their presence is used as a means of comfort and love. Hence, when a pet is specifically used to give emotional support, then these pets qualify as ESAs.

An ESA is suggested by a psychiatrist or a psychologist through an emotional support animal letter. This letter is signed by the same healthcare professional and transforms an ordinary pet into an ESA.

The most commonly selected ESAs are cats and dogs. This is because many people are unaware of the benefits and traits of other animals like ferrets, fish, rabbits in regards to the emotional support that they can provide.

Nonetheless, if you are among the people who love rabbits and want to own a rabbit as an ESA, then here is the good news for you. Rabbits can serve as an exceptional ESA. Numerous reasons make rabbits a good choice as an ESA. For instance:

They are gentle and loving.

They are not too noisy.

They are smaller in size and need less space.

Training rabbits is much easier.

They don’t need to be walked.

They have comparatively longer lives than other pets.

They have a personality of their own.

Adopting them is a much simpler process and they are up for adoption at many local shelters.

To help you with the selection process of the most suitable rabbit breed that you can have as an ESA, discussed below are the top 5 breeds of rabbits and the reasons why they should be taken as ESAs.

American Rabbits

American rabbits are small-sized bunnies with long ears that are very narrow. Their body is shaped like a semi arch and they generally live almost from 5 to 10 years. Although now they are not very commonly kept as pets, however, their docile, sweet and laid-back nature make them extremely suitable as an ESA.

The main privileges of this letter are that it can be used both as an esa letter for housing and an ESA letter for air travel. This means that ESA can be kept in housing areas or schemes where otherwise pets are not allowed. Moreover, they can be brought on to the flight by their owners although pets are generally prohibited in aircraft.

This breed of rabbits is especially known for their extremely motherly nature. With everyone that they form a bond with, they are the givers of extreme love and affection. Hence, if an American rabbit is kept as an ESA, then you will never feel alone.

Belgian Hare Rabbits

This breed of rabbits was purposefully bred to resemble hares and are the most domesticated rabbit breeds. They are good for both the exhibition and to be kept as pets because they have extremely beautiful built and highly sociable nature.

These rabbits are very intelligent and smart too. Their average life span is almost 7 years. The best part of their nature is that they are tremendously sweet, easy to train, convenient to pet, and very much fun. Additionally, these rabbits never show aggression or bad moods.

Blanc de Hotot

These rabbits are the ones that were first found in France. They have purely white fur and striking jet-black bands that surround their eyes and make them look enormously attractive and unique. They live around 7 to 10 years.

Their temperament is best defined as sweet and active. A Blanc de Hotot that is given special attention when it is young, becomes the best ESA as it grows up. This is because these are extremely loyal and truthful pets.

They love exploring the environment, are lively, easily socialize with other pets and the owner’s family, and are very easily trained. Hence, keeping them as an ESA is one of the best decisions for anyone struggling with mental health issues.

Californian Rabbits

These rabbits resemble in their appearance to Blanc de Hotot. However, as an ESA their best trait is that they are extremely affectionate and the most cuddly pets ever. These rabbits never bite anyone and just like Belgian hare rabbits, these two have zero aggression.

Although they are a bit shy but with someone that they know or become familiar with, they would never leave them alone and are very much expressive in their love and affection. Hence, get them as an ESA if you love cuddling and display of affection.

Checkered Giant Rabbits

These are the largest rabbits with white bodies and black spots that look like checkered prints. Although they are not very expressive, they are considered the best pets for families. This is because they are very calm, soothing, and easy to get along with nature. Hence, they are also likely to serve as a remarkable ESA.

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