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To understand the question of why higher education is going out of fashion, we should first give a small example, which is quite typical. Imagine that you have been fond of architecture for a long time and are well versed in its basics. At the same time, you are excellent at drawing up drawings, sketches and other things that are directly related to this profession.

Moreover, you have a wonderful creative flair, which you are trying to develop in every possible way. And so, after graduating from school and even art school, you begin to look for a profession according to your profile. The first thing will have to face is the availability of a diploma. It is needed absolutely everywhere, namely, in those organizations that want to hire a specialist, and not a self-taught person. Then you go to university as an architect. But here you are faced with the first problem, which is the most significant - the cost of training. Nowadays, the cost of education goes beyond all marginal norms. If earlier it was possible to consider it affordable to pay some amounts for a semester or even for a year, now this is far from affordable for everyone.

The second serious problem is the crisis, which not only often happens in our country, but also comes quite unexpectedly for paper writer. It is, of course, about the economy. As a rule, after school, graduates are pushed to receive higher education by their parents. Naturally, parents also have to pay for their studies. But if you have to think about it during a crisis, then in most cases school graduates simply do not go to college. This is the second reason why higher education is going out of fashion.

The third aspect is purely social in nature. Now high school graduates think that after school they are capable of anything and try to quickly leave the parental home to lead their own lives.

Naturally, are not talking about any education here. Young people rush to the army, after which many remain to serve on a contract basis or link their work with military service. Girls tend to find work without education. Thus, it is noted that the popularity of admission to universities is falling every year. According to statistics, in recent years the number of applicants has almost halved. This is a significant indicator.

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