Ever wonder what is in the soil in the outdoor space you have access to? Sign up for this soil test and you will receive an extensive soil test of 25 soil samples and analysis including the concentration of heavy metals in your soils. We will provide instructions on how to get soil samples - and provide an analysis of your results and what you can do to ammend your soil if needed. 


Thanks to our friend Dr. Sara Perl Egendorf for offering this service as a part of our #BlackGold fundraiser - and for making soil tests accessible to so many in NYC!


  • This is a limited item
  • Soil tests of this nature usually range between $400-1000

In Depth Soil Test & Analysis

SKU: BGBKR000003
  • This is a limited item and will not be available once we reach our limit. This prize does not include costs to mail in soil samples. Those who acquire this item should use the information they receive at their discretion and understand these soil tests are not comprehensive tests representative of all of the soil in their outdoor space.