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Indoor Apartment Plants Need

Good Soil Structure

BK ROT Compost is handmade made with coffee grounds, clean sawdust, woodchips and food scraps from small local businesses. When added to potted soil, organic compost can add a rich texture that encourages plant growth.   

Strong Water Retention

The organic matter content in BK ROT Compost increases the water holding capacity of dense, tightly-packed soil. This allows moisture to better penetrate a plant's roots, disperse more evenly, and reduce the need for frequent watering.

A Mix of Nutrients

The wide variety of ingredients used in making BK ROT Compost gives it a wide range of nutrients for sustaining plants. It also acts as a slow-release fertilizer, giving plants access to
micro-nutrients that allow plants to extract vitamins from the soil.

Don't know which houseplants to grow in your apartment?

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