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Household Composting in 3 Easy Steps

with BK ROT's Rabbit Roots!

Composting from home has never been easier! For an accessible fee every four weeks, BK ROT bikers will collect food scraps straight from your building to your compost site. We work to turn our community’s “waste” into community resources for growing organic foods, remediating soils and creating landscapes for carbon sequestering. Please note we only serve North and Central Brooklyn at this time.

How much does it cost?
BK ROT provides a sliding scale to make this service accessible for our community members while also sustaining wages for youth workers to collect and process food scraps into compost. We do not require any documentation or proof of income. When you sign up, we have some guiding text that can support you determining what bracket makes sense for you.


Weekly Service:

  • Subsidized: $17.50 every 4 weeks

  • Standard: $30 every 4 weeks

  • Sustainer: $45 every 4 weeks


Biweekly Service.

  • Subsidized: $10 every 4 weeks

  • Standard: $15 every 4 weeks 

  • Sustainer: $22.50 every 4 weeks 

What area do you service?

Currently we serve Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, most of Ridgewood, and parts of South Williamsburg and Northern Crown Heights. If you are within our range, you will be able to automatically sign up for our service. If you are outside of it, signing up will put you in our system and we can easily onboard you or reach out should we expand to service your area. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for our residential service

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